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What type of handgun can I use?

Handguns come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend one that first is a name brand and you know will function when you need it to. If you don't have one, pick one that fits your hand comfortably. And lastly, pick one that you will be able to get ammo at any store that sells guns and ammo.

Storage and Safe Keeping:

As a gun owner, you and you alone are responsible for the storage and safe keeping of all your weapons. We suggest gun locks and a safe with very limited access to the key or combination. 

How do I clean my gun?

In most all classes, we teach cleaning techniques. We suggest you bring a cleaning kit and clean your weapon system prior to leaving the range. Experience has taught us it simply won't get cleaned if you don't. There are many cleaning kits out there.  For the hobby shooter, we suggest simple. Academy, or most any gun store has what you need.

What type of clothing should I wear?

We suggest a hat of some type, a shirt with a button up collar and long pants. No open "V" neck shirts will be allowed. Hot brass will find a way. And comfortable shoes. Many shooters bring a neck scarf to prevent brass from hitting your neck.

What Services do you offer?

     * Texas Concealed Handgun Certification / License To Carry

     * Learn to Shoot (Beginner Handgun Class)

     * Basic and Tactical Handgun Course

     * Basic and Tactical Rifle Course

     * Basic and Tactical Shotgun

     * 1 on 1 Handgun and Rifle Training

     * Custom Rifle Sighting ( We will sight in your rifle)

     * Custom Rifle Accessories and Scope Mounting


Quick Link for your New LTC License or Renewal.(Click here )

Quick Link for DPS Document Submission. (Click here)

What type of eye and ear protection should I use?

Handguns and rifles are loud. We recommend ear protection that completely covers the ear. Ear plugs are ok and are approved, however complete ear coverage is best. Eye protection is necessary in any sport like this. Prescription glasses are approved as well as standard shooting glasses.

All questions concerning your Texas LTC are found on the Texas DPS website.(Click here )

What so many rounds of ammo?

If you're like us, shooting is fun. We ask that you bring enough ammo to shoot the basic class requirements as well as practice ammo prior to the final course of fire.