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If you are a Certified Peace Officer or have just acquired or thinking about getting your your Carry Permit, these courses are for you. We pride ourselves in taking the time to teach each student the skills necessary to operate a weapon system. Our classes are Christ centered. Just as one should be a warrior for Christ, one should prepare against the evils of our world. We hold our LTC and Advanced classes in Beaumont Texas and the multi-day Tactical Classes in Chester Texas allowing us to teach all types of weapon skills for each user. We provide lunch on the single day courses with meals and lodging on the multi-day courses. Give us a call, we will train you.

Matthew 5:9

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East Texas Tactical

Firearms Training


Learn to Shoot


License to Carry


All CHL/LTC Classes are held in Beaumont, Texas. Locations vary due to the size of the classes.

All Tactical multi-day classes are held at Camp TaKuLa in Chester on 600+ acres of East Texas Woods. Complete with indoor classrooms and restrooms.

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